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Prepping Winter Hair for Spring, Part Two of Three

Prepping Winter Hair for Spring, Part Two of Three

By Gigi Anders

Yesterday we interviewed our fave derm of all time, Tina Alster, to understand what creates wrecked winter hair and how to deal with it. Today, we get into the specifics with our fave hairstylist of all time, Devin Toth, who’ll show us what to do at the salon to transition that sad winter hair into springtime gorgeousness, and which products he loves. And tomorrow I’ll tell you which products I tested and now swear by. Prepare for beautiful hair.

Devin Toth

Devin Toth

Gigi Anders: Devin, you always say summer’s all about neglecting your hair. But in winter, we all wear caps outside and it’s always a damaged wreck too.

Devin Toth: Damage is damage. The idea is to stop doing damage and help your hair for a week or a month to get it back to where it needs to be. Ratty hair that you twist away or braid creates more elegance, but it’s also how you rip your hairs out.

GA: Where to begin?

DT: You have to cut off all your awful ends and get a real haircut, not a trim. Sun and certain products can alter and fade color. Everyone gets a seal-in gloss at my salon. It enriches the color you’re going for and I like the shine it gives.

GA: What about using a weekly or semimonthly clarifying shampoo followed by a major mask? I love a good clarifying shampoo. It gives you a clean slate, like exfoliating your face.

DT: The important thing with a clarifying shampoo is to not overuse it. Unless you swim every week, you don’t really need it every week. I like Kérastase’s. Then a deep conditioner or mask. I like NuMe’s, which is a happy brand. Comb it through after shampooing and leave it in all day.


GA: What about day to day styling and damage prevention?

DT: Lower the setting on the hot tools or learn how to style your hair without the iron. Stick to round-brushing for the first week or two. The idea is to not damage it. We want the opposite of summer hair, so don’t stretch the elasticity out of it. No steam should be coming off of it. Think of it as a juice cleanse.

GA: Any maintenance styling products you love?

DT: Even if you’re not a product person, you need a month of a light, leave-in serum to protect your hair. Then let it be and enjoy your polished, new ends; gloss; and fresh spring hair.  

Prepping Winter Hair for Spring, Part Three of Three

Prepping Winter Hair for Spring, Part Three of Three

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