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Confessions of a *Beauty Virgin, Part 2: A Little Green

Confessions of a *Beauty Virgin, Part 2: A Little Green

By Annie Mooers

Cool as a cucumber? The Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask ($52) definitely is.

With ingredients such as pineapple, chamomile, orange, lemon, and aloe, this extreme-detox-hydrating mask is the perfect skin healer after a day in the sun. The gel immediately cooled my skin right after application and rejuvenated my tired face.

Perfect and gentle on all skin types, the mask has been my lifesaver this past July. The sunniest month of the year was full of sunburns and dry skin, even when I put on sunscreen! With help from the mask, my skin survived. It’s perfect for the night after the day at the beach or pool.

Listed in the instructions, there are two ways to use the mask: One is a quick, 10-minute treatment that’s easy to do with friends. To test that this was effective on all skin types, I had two of my friends try out the mask with me. Kobi, Emily, and I all have different skin types, and it worked well for all of us. It’s so lightweight that we almost forgot that we had it on! In other words, this product is a perfect activity for your next slumber party.

For an intensive treatment, I put the mask on for an entire night. I let it dry and fell asleep. It didn’t get on my pillows or bedding, and my skin felt impeccably soft afterward. I woke up feeling refreshed, and washing my face that next morning had never felt better because my skin had been so sunburnt the day before.

Surprisingly (but also unsurprisingly), the product exceeded my expectations. Although it is a bit pricey, it lasts forever. I’ve used it about ten times to cover my face and I’ve barely grazed the top layer.  

Finally, here’s a pro tip: Put the mask in refrigerator to enhance the cooling sensation.

Here Comes the Sun – And the SPF

Here Comes the Sun – And the SPF

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