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Bronzer Independence:  Justice For All Skin Tones (and just in time for fireworks)

Bronzer Independence: Justice For All Skin Tones (and just in time for fireworks)

By Victoria Stiles

All bronzers are not created equal. Some companies fail to realize the huge spectrum of skin types and tones. Even the best bronzing products can be frustrating for the extremely fair to the deepest of dark.

Here are three brands that tackled the issue and won me over from my faux sun-kissed cheekbones to the freckled bridge of my nose.

1.) BECCA Cosmetics

Their Sunlit Bronzer ($38) is like a day at the beach, glowing skin included! If your goal is a subtle, sun-kissed look, this pressed powder compact is your must-have for summer. They are mica-packed, though, so they do shimmer. These are for cheek tops only. And best of all, there are five shades:

- Bali Sands: A soft golden-beige for fair skin tones. A product that will never make you orange.

- Capri Coast: A warm-golden brown for light-to-medium skin tones.

- Bronzed Bondi: Medium amber finish that gives you an “all day at the beach” finish -- my personal favorite (my skin tone is fair-to-medium).

- Ipanema Sun: A glowing goddess finish for medium-to-darker complexions.

- Maui Nights: An ultra-rich, sienna-kissed bronze for deep skin tones.

2.) NARS Cosmetics

NARS Matte Multiple ($39) is the perfect on-the-go color stick. You can apply it walking, talking, Ubering, or wherever else your summer takes you. Since the formula’s matte, it can be used a little more liberally on the face. It’s also easily blendable and can be used as contour on the standard places – forehead, just beneath cheekbones, and under the chin. There are three shades that can be used for bronzing:

Matte Multiple Altai: Soft Matte Golden hue for light skin tones.

- Matte Multiple Vientiane:  A more vibrant sun-kissed hue for medium skin tones.

- Matte Multiple Cappadoce:  A deeper bronze for darker skin tones that can also be used as a contour for lighter skin tones.

3.) Sleek MakeUP

The Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in Sugar (€13.49 or $15.43) is stunning on medium-to-dark complexions. I particularly like the inclusion of red in the three-pack to enhance the bronze color on darker complexions. This move, to me as makeup artist, is genius, and much needed for deeper complexions. Apply the red shade around the contour of cheek, hit apples of the cheeks with the peach shade, and highlight along cheekbone with the shimmering bronze color. Perfection!

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