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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

By Gigi Anders

If Scarlett O’Hara were alive today, she’d have founded Sapelo Skincare. The luxury brand straight from deepest Georgia and the school of Southern charm is named after a historic barrier island just off Savannah’s coast. The salt marshes there produce the elegant line’s marine and botanical ingredients. Products also include other native goodies such as salmon roe extract, gardenia stem cells, magnolia oil, oyster shell calcium, seaweed, and honey. No peaches – yet – and also no fillers, silicones, parabens, sulfates, or petrochemicals.

I tried the new Restoring Eye Serum ($95), which promises to minimize puffiness and inflammation, enhance skin tone, and restore radiance. (At that price, I expected it to give me a complete double eyelift while they’re in the neighborhood.) Unfortunately for what I laughably refer to as a beauty budget, it’s … fabulous. The delicate skin around and under my eyes felt and looked as soft, firm, and  hydrated as a ripe Georgia peach. A scientifically- and medically-proven blend of anti-aging milk peptides (to boost collagen production and skin cell count), botanical burdock (to reduce dark circles and detoxify skin tissue), and antioxidants (to strengthen capillaries in tissue surrounding the eyes) – made me a wide-eyed believer. Dab it on (it’s rich -- you only need a teeny tiny bit) during the day over your makeup to boost hydration, or use it as your fave new day and night eye product. Beautiful stuff, gorgeous container, altogether to die for.

Bronzer Independence:  Justice For All Skin Tones (and just in time for fireworks)

Bronzer Independence: Justice For All Skin Tones (and just in time for fireworks)

The Best Hostess Gift (to keep for  yourself)

The Best Hostess Gift (to keep for yourself)