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Saving Your Lips in Your Sleep

Saving Your Lips in Your Sleep

By Gigi Anders

I don’t enjoy piling on the makeup when it’s sweltering outside. An SPF moisturizer, a pair of big sunglasses, and a great lipstick are my personal go-to’s for dog day afternoons.

Though I know I’ll be sweating like a farm animal, my lips are always dry – not a great canvas for any lipstick. While a daytime balm under my lipstick helps, I can’t ignore my lips overnight, when skin repairs itself.

Enter Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment ($49). This rich, cooling, instantly soothing formula firms, hydrates, and restores. Indian gentian extract reduces fragility and wrinkles’ appearance around the lips. Voluminizing technology plumps and tones down fine lines. Sesame seed extract smooths and decreases roughness. Shea butter increases hydration and elasticity. And apple fruit extract and glycerin complex works with shea butter to enhance hydration and smooth lips even more.


Here’s the thing. Is this product pricey? Yes it is. Is it worth it? Yes it is. Here’s why: First of all, you don’t need much. Press down lightly on the tube behind the silver applicator and dab a few drops of the solution into and around lips. That’s it. You’re doing this because lips age almost as fast as the eye area. They lack the protective outer layer skin has and have fewer layers than the rest of the face. They also lack skin’s oil and sweat glands, plus saliva dries out natural oils. So moisture evaporates constantly, and here come lines, feathering, and chronic dryness. What’s more, smoking, drinking through a straw, whistling (really), and unprotected sun exposure break down lips’ collagen – all of which contribute to premature aging.

Speaking of which, Mama Cubana was recently here visiting, and she goes, “What are dos red spots on joor upper leep?” I looked in the mirror and realized I had sun damage from not wearing SPF lip products during the day. (Sun is a bitch.) Our new More Lovely mantra? SPF all day long, Nightly Lip Treatment all night long.

P.S.: How old do your lips look? Go, if you dare, to and find out. The results are startling.      

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