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The Fab Five IV

The Fab Five IV

By: Gigi Anders
Photo Credit: Tronel's photography

We’re all about good skincare for the transitional first weeks of spring.

Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream ($92). The late Nora Ephron wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck. That was in 2006 when she was in her late 60’s. Had she lived longer, Ephron’s aging neck would’ve liked Éminence Organic Skin Care’s new and all-natural firming and lifting cream. Pricey? Yes. But its blend of hibiscus and botanical hyaluronic acid keeps the neck’s delicate skin smooth and hydrated; paprika stimulates; and edelweiss tightens. Can it rival a neck lift? No. But it can postpone the need for one. (We’ll be revisiting this subject soon in greater detail as the weather gets warmer and necklines get plungier.)

StriVectin Multi-Action Active Infusion Youth Serum ($89). More Lovely loves StriVectin. The scientifically-based, hardworking brand delivers what it promises. Its new multi-tasking serum is encased in pink and full of little pearls – could it be more feminine? Pump it once to release the pearls’ power. Of course, they’re not really pearls. They’re Pure NIA Spheres™ — a patented NIA-114™ technology encapsulated in a super concentrated form. NIA-114 strengthens the moisture barrier, inhibits environmental aggressors, and optimizes skin performance. The Spheres’ super-sophisticated cocktail combines high-potency suspension ingredients including age-fighting collagen- and elastin-enhancing peptides, bio-technically derived algae, lipids, and antioxidants. Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, and Silybum Marianum Fruit Extract instantly make skin feel slippy-smooth and luminous. Use it under your moisturizer every day and night. You’re welcome. We live to serve.

We oily-skinned gals know that anything heavy will kill us, especially as the humidity rises. But we still need hydration. Two new Garnier SkinActive products will change your life and make you and your plastic beyond happy. For daytime, Moisture Bomb Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($16.99) is an “Antioxidant Super Moisturizer.” The a water-light, protective lotion dries matte. In other words, this is a unicorn. Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient naturally found in skin, floods skin with day-long, weightless moisture. The formula contains Antioxidant-rich Goji Berry, Vitamins C and E, and Pomegranate.

For bedtime, Moisture Bomb, also an Antioxidant Skin Moisturizer ($16.99), is heaven in a jar. The gel-cream goodness cools skin directly, plumps out fine lines, and helps strengthen the moisture barrier to stop the cycle of dry skin. What’s more, it’s oil-, paraben-, and petrolatum-free.

Elvis + Elvin Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate Peel-Off Mask for Normal to Oily Skin ($80 for four masks) is the weirdest, blackest beauty application I’ve ever seen. Each mask comes in a perforated plastic sleeve. To activate the two ingredients, you squish them individually into a bowl. One is transparent and goopy, the other is as black and shiny as squid ink. You mix them together with the enclosed plastic spatula for a minute, and apply the solution evenly all over your face, avoiding your eyes. This batch makes a lot of batter, so the mask will be plopped on thick. Sit back and wait for it to “gelify.” The instructions say five minutes, but mine took a good 20, if not longer. It tingles. It cools. Once it dries, start at your hairline above your forehead and slowly peel the whole elastic thing off. Take a fresh baby washcloth, wet it with warm water, and remove any residue. Then splash your face with warm water, blot dry, and move on to your P.M. skincare. Truth: My complexion hasn’t looked this fabulous in months. The mask is like a complete facial. It deeply exfoliates, hydrates, brightens, calms, and tones. I’m sold. You will be too.

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