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Highlighting 101: How Not To Look Like a Glazed Donut

Highlighting 101: How Not To Look Like a Glazed Donut

Where our celebrity makeup artist Victoria Stiles explains the ins and outs of proper highlighting.

Can we please stop highlighting our noses’ tips? It won’t make you Insta-famous. It does nothing for you but make you look silly. Highlighter is meant to be used conservatively on the face. It brings forward certain features and adds dimension.

Of the thousands of highlighters out there, I’ve narrowed it down to one perfect product. (Please note this is not a sponsored post.) BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter Prismatic Amethyst ($38). It’s a velvety soft, fine-milled, tightly packed powder compact. Multidimensional, its varying color scheme is purple, pink, and sheer. This highlighter is the finishing touch.



As a resident makeup artist in the nation’s capital, one of my favorite spots is the Holography Museum. With its multidimensional effect, BEECA’s highlighter reminds me of a cool hologram, a 3-D experience.

So put on your IMAX glasses and let me show you how it’s done. This way you’ll look less like a glazed donut and more like a Tarte Tatin.

The areas you want to concentrate on are:

·    The tops of cheekbones, using a small contour or blush brush.

·    Up around the side to the temples. Swooping it up creates more glam outside the eyes.

·    For a night out on the town, a trick I like to do is to take a small eyeshadow brush and sweep the highlighter across lids and in the inner corners of eyes.

·    If you really wanna go disco, brush a little beneath the eyebrows.

That’s it. That’s all. Stop there.

A note on skin color and type:

Generally speaking, highlighter is more flattering to light-to-medium complexions. It can get too ashy for darker skin tones and look like it’s sitting on your face instead of being part of your face.

If you have dark skin, you have naturally moist skin. You don’t want shimmer, which can end up looking too greasy. To keep skin fresh, stick with a matte foundation or powder that’s a little lighter than your natural skin color and brush it across the top of the cheeks. Go to your eyelids for shimmer, or use a sparkly lip gloss or lipstick.


Want more exclusive tips from More Lovely's Makeup Artistry Advisor Victoria Stiles? Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @victoriastiles!

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