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One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes: A True Beauty Game-Changer

One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes: A True Beauty Game-Changer

By Laura Vogel

I have been lucky. Thanks to my years working at fashion magazines and time spent as a beauty editor, I have tried pretty much every cosmetic revolution that has hit the market in the last 20 years -- from cellulite-banishing machines to stick-on nail polish. I have had many moments of skyrocketing hope ... and mostly disappointing results. Recently, I got to try One Two Lash magnetic false eyelashes. Hands-down, they are the best, most transformative beauty product I have ever experienced.

These eyelashes are killer, no hyperbole at all. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried lash extensions. I did, once, and found the application process far too toxic and irritating to my eyes to ever go through it again -- and One Two Lashes give far superior cosmetic results. In seconds, they upped my Pretty-o-Meter by at least five points.

Katy Stoka, who began her career as a real-estate developer, invented these lashes when she was a young mom of rambunctious boys and had to decide whether to spend five precious minutes one morning washing her hair or applying her eye makeup.

from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“I had a shower A-HA moment,” says Stoka. “I had been gluing on those false lashes for a good 20 years and realized that lashes need to be something you can take on and off -- an accessory, like a watch. I had the magnet idea, and I knew that I had hit upon something great.

“I went to my computer and looked up ‘magnetic false eyelashes’— and there was nothing,” Stoka explains. “I knew I had a customer base of one, and it was a two-year journey to create the perfect One Two Lash prototype. I was literally going to Home Depot and experimenting with magnetic paint and false lashes. I met with engineers and designers, got a patent, and now we have a company of 200 employees and make all of our products in the United States. That’s honestly been the most rewarding part, providing good jobs to hundreds of wonderful people!”

one two lashes.jpg

Katy Stoka’s years of research paid off. Her product is superior. (And if you are thinking of trying a cheapie imitation of One Two Lashes, don’t bother. Seriously. Trust me on this one.)

So, once you’ve received your One Two Lash delivery, just know this: There is a bit of a learning curve to figuring out how to apply them, but it’s worth every moment. I have found the best results (after laying a towel over my sink to catch dropped lashes) in opening my eyes wide, resting the top lash on top of my stubby little lashes, and then bringing the bottom mate to meet it until the magnets click together. (Another pro tip: Aim to apply them towards the outer corners of your eyes.)


I truly adore One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes. In five seconds, they make me look like Bambi. Another bonus? There is no more painful eyelash curling, laborious application of mascara, nighttime scrubbing and makeup removal: Just pull them off at the end of the day and you are done!


One Two Cosmetics, inventor of the world’s first magnetic false eyelash, innovates again with the addition of a new, full-coverage magnetic lash ($69 for each set) to the brand’s lash wardrobe.

One Two Lash Original Lash set (includes two pairs of lashes, $69).

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