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A Philosophy Holiday From Head to Toe

A Philosophy Holiday From Head to Toe

By Annie Mooers

Ever wanted to smell like the Christmas season? Philosophy lets you do just that with their limited edition holiday collection, which includes scents such as Holiday Pajamas Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ($18), to Christmas Cookie Shampoo, Shower Gel & Body Wash ($18).


Each scent has its own “philosophy” written right on it, setting the mood for the whimsical experience you’re about to have relaxing, unwinding, and bathing.

A unique aspect of Philosophy’s body washes is that they can also be used as bubble bath and shampoo, which left me questioning what the texture was going to be like – yes, I confess I was a Philosophy virgin. Surprisingly, the body wash went on smoothly and left me smelling like a snow angel or a gingerbread house, depending on which one I was using.

All of the various scents remind you of the things you love most about the holidays, including a peppermint stick, hot chocolate,  holly, and even snow itself. Most of the body washes also come with a matching lotion to keep your skin from drying up in this freezing cold weather. There are also travel-sized versions ($8) as well as lip shines ($7 - $10) to keep your lips tasty and ready to pucker up.


These products honestly make the best stocking stuffers, and I’m definitely going to get some of the holiday collection for the women in my family. I’d recommend getting sets that include different scents to add some variety to their showers.

My personal favorite is the Cookie Caravan Set ($24), which includes the spiced gingerbread cookie body wash, sweet creamy frosting lotion, and super sprinkles lip shine. It smells like I’m baking tons of Christmas cookies with my friends and family. The gels and lotions will last well into and past the holiday season, so you can smell fabulous for the rest of winter and keep the Christmas spirit going.

cookie caravan.jpg
Visions of Sugar Plums in the Shower (or Bath): Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 12

Visions of Sugar Plums in the Shower (or Bath): Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 12

A Clearing in the Stocking: Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 11

A Clearing in the Stocking: Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 11