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A Clearing in the Stocking: Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 11

A Clearing in the Stocking: Stuff My Stocking, Stuffer 11

By Margo Ghertner

Any sort of skincare is a tranquil treat, but face masks definitely take the cake. I am absolutely in love with the Indie Lee Clearing Mask ($60).


Indie Lee’s products are perfect for anyone, as the ingredients are clean and free of chemicals. After Indie Lee — yes, she’s an actual person — discovered that she had a life-threatening brain tumor stemming from harsh, environmental toxins, she created a line of products post-surgery with safe, green ingredients for face and body. 

At 1.7 oz, the Clearing Mask is perfect to pop right into the stocking of anyone who dabbles in organic skincare or anyone who loves the look of a chic, shatter-proof jar on their vanity. And it’s not only that that makes it incredible. This mask, which both my roommate and I tested, is perfect for *all* skin types. 

With fruit acids, bentonite clay, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and more goodies, Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask is packed with antioxidants to make your skin the best it can be for all those upcoming holiday festivities. Not to mention, the fresh minty scent is cooling and relaxing — so you can be sure to give the gift of a spa at home this year!

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