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A Veil’d Complexion

A Veil’d Complexion

By Kelley Woods

I have been eagerly waiting to try Veil Cosmetics’ newest shades in Sunset Skin. I wouldn’t consider myself a foundation snob, but I'm all for a brand celebrated for enhancing the skin’s natural radiance. I was sent Sunset Skin in one of their newest shades, 5G Deep ($49). Initially, I thought it looked too dark. The shade of the Complexion Fix ($40) was also 5G, yet it was surprisingly lighter. I knew that I might be able to balance out the colors to match my skin.

So. About Sunset Skin! Please note the color system. There are five ranges of color in the line, including Porcelain, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. Within those ranges are undertones. One for pink undertones (P), one for neutral (N), one for golden (G), and one for darker (D).

According to the description, the formula, is an airy, whipped, water-based foundation that reveals skin as if it’s been drenched in light at sunset. It’s infused with brightening, hydrating, and soothing benefits. The Complexion Fix also comes with three new Deep shades and is an all over face corrector, concealer, and highlighter with HD quality finish.

I must say, when it comes to darker colors it is sometimes hard to achieve “glow” in a product without turning the dark shade ashy. So I was a little skeptical when I received the darkest color, Deep, in Sunset Skin, as it’s geared toward those with subtle golden undertones and I am usually more neutral. But I gave it a go and hoped I could balance it out with the Complexion Fix.

veil foundation 3.jpg

The results: Okay, I admit I was pleasantly surprised  that the Deep actually did blend in more than I thought, even though it was still darker than my natural skin. But because it’s a sheer-to-medium coverage, the formula did not sit on top of my skin. It blended right in. It felt  like velvet on the skin, very silky and hydrating. The Complexion Fix was lovely, and its highlighting effect was gorgeous, and really helped balance the deep color of Sunset Skin.

veil cosmetics concealer.jpg

Even hours later, it still felt weightless. Overall, it still appeared a little ashy, as the color was too golden for me, but that’s just because I  need a more neutral shade.

Would I recommend this Foundation and Concealer? I definitely would. It would be perfect for summer, as it really does feel weightless, but if you just like a sheer/medium formula, this would be perfect for you.

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