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The Perfect Candle for Any Halloween Bash

The Perfect Candle for Any Halloween Bash

By Zoe Hawryluk

Happy Halloween, Lovelies! It’s time to get festive. Finding the perfect costume is obviously the first thing on everyone’s mind, but hosting the spookiest and most sophisticated party on the block is a close second.

Thanks to The Starling Project, you can set the perfect candlelit ambience for your bone-chilling masquerade. Sterling McDavid has you covered with six scrumptious scents that will have your guests positively shivering with excitement.


Founded in 2015, The Starling Project’s model was to create candles that would tangibly engage people to help support solar energy for communities in need.

“The idea is light for light,” says McDavid. “The hope is that each Starling Project customer will enjoy a quality candle while simultaneously knowing that he or she is helping someone in need.”

The candles are $55 each – every one burns for some 60 hours -- and proceeds provide solar energy to under-resourced neighborhoods via UNICEF. These soy wax-recycled glass-cotton wick- and ethically-sourced essential oils candles are a perfect addition to your ambience at home or as a hostess gift, Halloween or no.


The packaging for the candle is chic and minimalist—a white box with “STARLING” embossed on the front in black box text, with the scent composition on the front in small text and the mission of The Starling Project.

When you open the box, you get an adorable thank-you card. The candle itself is black wax in a black matte ceramic holder, very midnight sky-esque.


I lit the wick and set the candle on my window sill. Seconds later, I was enveloped in “Orange Flower and Amber.” You definitely feel the freshness of the floral atop of the deep, sensual amber scent. The smell is so comfortingly homey -- it reminds me of the smell of new leather shoes and hugs from my relatives.  


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