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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely…

In our context, this means you were born lovely. So you’re already lovely. And you can be more with the right guidance, experts, and products.

Let us go then, you and I.

Ask Mama Cubana Week 4

Ask Mama Cubana Week 4

I must say I do a great manicure. Even weeth my left hand. Ees my therapy. I get a Diet Coke with lime, turn on Turner Classic Movies, and have a good time, honey.

I recently tried de Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection. (Obviously, they reeped me off because I’ve said ees my “therapy” seence, like, forever.) Anyways, de 38 colors are great for de holidays and New Year’s. Deyr like Xmas tree colors.

First some background: Before Fidel Castro happened to Cuba, every Cuban woman – and dat includes me – regardless of income had a weekly manicure. Those who could afford eet – although eet was cheap – would have someone come to de house and do eet. Ees like wearing leepsteeck. Joo just deed eet.

Anyways, I used a ton of de Sally Hansens (I peecked two favorite colors for joo to see) and I loved them all. De polish ees hard and shiny as a new car. Eet doesn’t come off, either! But ees gentle on de nails and didn’t do anything bad to them. Which ees kind of major. I really lohvee.

Here’s what joo need to be like me:

Nail & Cuticle Oil (Check de Sally Hansen site for prices and de Where To Buy’s.)

Unwine’d ($6.10 – 6.99 for each color). Ees a deep, delicious red wine color. Thumb ees missing een dees foto. Eet was hard to take foto.

Steely Serene There! Ees a neutral but with depth and class. Like me.

Top Coat ($6.72)

Wishing everybody a happy and safe holiday. Remember, joo are joor best geeft geever. Start weeth de manicure and work joor way out.

Perfumed Poetry

Perfumed Poetry

Stuff My Stocking X

Stuff My Stocking X