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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely…

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Let us go then, you and I.

Ask Mama Cubana Week 3

Ask Mama Cubana Week 3

Joo know, makeup ees fun. People can get too mental about eet, wheech ees reedeeculous. Why? Ees makeup, ees pretty, das de end of de story. Go find sometheeng else to do.

Eet takes a Cubana to explain dees. Das why ees great dat a fellow Mama Cubana, Eva Mendes, created CIRCA. De makeup line -- sold excluseevly at de corner of happy and healthy, according to Carrie’s boyfriend Aidan on TV commercials; and wasn’t Carrie stupeed to dump heem? – ees like Hollywood. But really, ees just Cuban. Dat ees how we look every day. We call eet Guavawood.

CIRCA – all een caps because we are dat confeedent -- ees both luxurious and cheap, wheech ees how Cubanas are and have always been. Das right: We look totally put together but we don’t spend beeg bucks getting der. We’re smart and gorgeous.

Joo know what? Maybe one day we’ll see CIRCA een a Cuban Walgreens. Dat would be great. Because de word CIRCA reminds me of cerca, wheech means close een Spaneesh. Not close as een “We are closed,” but close as een “I feel so close to joo.”

Anyways, I am here for joo and for beauty and I love de CIRCACuba-inspired collection. So let’s go der, and see what ees all about. 

Color Exposure Sheer Lip & Cheek Stain ($13 each)


De color: A red weeth just a peench of brown. Not too much.

De place: Ees a small town een de north of Cuba een  Oriente proveence, close to de coast. Chreestopher Colombus landed der een one of hees travels to Cuba.

Playa Paraiso

De color: Name says eet all. Do whatever, ees paradise. Een coral.

De place: Never heard. Joo can Google. Oh. I just deed. Ees een Mexico. My husband and I honeymooned een Acapulco and Mexico Ceety. Just like Jackie and Jack


De color: Now joor talkeeng. Meex blueish red and make eet bright.

De place: Varadero ees considered one of the most beautiful beaches een de world. Eet has very fine sand and water goes from green to aqua to blue to eendeego. Joo walk een de ocean and joo can see leettl feesh sweemmeeng aroun’ joo, such clear water. Ees een Matanzas proveence, where I was born.

Picture Perfect Powder Blush ($12 each)

Flamenco Beach

De color: A warm peenky coral always makes cheeks happier places.

De place: Dees one I had to look up also. Puerto Rico. A beach. What more do joo need? 

Punta Mita

De color: One time I was een a beauty supply store and was lookeeng at a deesplay. A sales woman came over and said, “Oh no, madam. That’s not for you. This says it’s ‘For Women of Color.’” And I told her, “I’m a woman of color. I’m peenk!” 

De place: Never heard of dees one either. But eef eets een Cuba eet must be lumeenous. Oh. Ees een Mexico. And ders a Four Seasons. So ees probably good.

Cayo Largo

De color: I lovee. What I said about de Baracoa? Dees ees de blush version.

De place: Ees an island south of the Cienaga de Zapata. About 2 to 15 miles from de coast. Largo ees long. But don't take too long. Just do eet right, and out de door, honey.


The Fab Five Week 2

The Fab Five Week 2

Some Do Not Like It Hot

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