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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely…

In our context, this means you were born lovely. So you’re already lovely. And you can be more with the right guidance, experts, and products.

Let us go then, you and I.

Makeup Artist Off-Duty

Makeup Artist Off-Duty

When a celebrity makeup artist comes face-to-face with the harsh reality known as the hottest summer in the history of the world at the beach.

I’m a makeup artist to celebs, mostly politicians, with real people thrown in here and there. My beauty advice is spread across major publications and traffic-heavy beauty sites. I enjoy giving advice, beauty advice, with some health and fitness thrown in here and there, but mostly I do love to talk makeup.

A typical story I almost always get pinged for is how to wear makeup in the summertime. Of course I think my advice is useful -- a little powder, some mascara, long-wear lip color, maybe a little tint on the cheek.

I recently spent a weekend, the hottest on record, with temps mounting into the 100s, at the beach with my husband. I packed a full makeup bag: two liquid and powder foundations, two eye shadow palettes, one eyebrow pencil, two eyebrow gel contour powders, three different pairs of false lashes, one tube of lash glue, two different mascaras, one cheek palette, three lip liners, five lipsticks, and four lip glosses.

I even packed hair extensions for that “romantic night at the beach” I envisioned.

I used … none of it.

My makeup bag stayed unzipped the entire weekend and I barely touched my real hair, let alone run a brush through it. It was slung into a messy topknot for the duration.

When the air feels like it’s on fire, as it does today, I don’t follow my own beauty rules. I can’t. It’s too hot to fuss.

So. Here’s my updated advice for summertime beach beauty. I’m really going to follow it from now on. Really.

1. Avoid hastily spraying SPF on your face.

When your face is sweatier than a farm animal’s, SPF dripping into your eyes -- especially if you're a contact lens wearer -- is no fun. You’ll cry and it will hurt. Yes, I know it’s hot as hell. But think ahead and bring SPF lotion in 50 or above to spread evenly on your face, versus using body spray SPF all over.

2. Don't rub your eyes while wearing SPF. Ever.

Just … no. Don't do it. Try to find a small wipe or cloth to dab sweat away from your eyes or you'l get stuck with not only salty sweat in your eyes, but sand crunching in there as well. Did I mention non-stop tearing?

3. Forget the makeup -- entirely.

Just give up on painting your face, Kim Kardashian. Think Brazilian beauty Gisele for this one, ladies. Barely anything on the face, a true beauty, SPF lip balm at the most.

4. Accessories are a must.

We still have to look cute, right? Floppy hat and shades do the trick! You don't have to worry about your hair, all sticky and sand-filled, and you have even more sun protection with the hat. Win, win!

5. Hydrate.

Think beauty, and health, from within. Drink plenty of water. Water is life. Go nowhere without a water bottle in hand.

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