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As for our name, More Lovely. It was inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: 


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely…

In our context, this means you were born lovely. So you’re already lovely. And you can be more with the right guidance, experts, and products.

Let us go then, you and I.

Ask Mama Cubana Week 2

Ask Mama Cubana Week 2

Q: Hola, Mama Cubana. What are your thoughts about being stylish past 40? -Taylor

A: Hola, Taylorsita. Personally, my age ees somewhere between 20 and death. I have always believed dat style comes from weetheen. Ees not age-related. Also, de legs are de last theeng to go, so show dem. (My leetl daughter Gigi ees an expert een self-tanneeng her legs and dey look fabulous. Theenk about eet.)

Q: Hola, Mama Cubana. What's your position on eyebrows? Thick? Thin? Drawn on? Tattooed? Left alone? Seriously... -Yasmine

A: Hola, Yasminsita. I love dat question. Eyebrows are one of de most eemportant parts of de whole face. I told Gigi, “DON'T PLUCK DEM, COÑO.”
Deed she leesen?
Wheech ees why, today, she has, like, notheeng. Personally, I'm very fair. So I like Cleeneek brow powder for mine. But I deedn’t over-pluck, like my leetl daughter. I just was born dees way, joo know?
At de end of de days, what looks most beautiful ees natural but groomed. Das de goal.

Q: Hola, Mama Cubana. Re-apply lipstick in public? Okay or gauche? -Nicole

A: Hola, Nicolesita. Eet depends where joo are een terms of joor concern about what others theenk, as well as how good a brand joo can afford. Eef I'm een a deem restaurant weeth candlelight and I take out my Chanel, who's goeeng to object? And eef dey deed, eet would only be out of envy. Now *dat* is gauche.
But eef joor at Hooters and wheep out joor Wet'Wild frosted purple gloss, I would say *joo* are dwelleeng een de tacky zone of society.

Gracias, everybody! Dat was really fun. Keep joor questions comeeng een.


Mama Cubana


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