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Let us go then, you and I.

She's Got Legs

She's Got Legs

Party dresses require smooth, glowing legs, even when it’s 1 degree out. Here’s how to get them.

Soak in a warm bath *before* showering. Besides being relaxing, the water softens and plumps skin. That makes shaving easier; you wind up with a closer shave and less irritation. For the bath water, choose Kneipp Aromatherapy Bubble Bath “Relaxing” Lavender ($10). Its naturally soothing botanicals make everything bad go far, far away.

To lather up, steal either one of these from your handiest man: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shave Gel ($11.50; visit for locations) is a rich, refreshing foam-gel hybrid that’s super-concentrated. You don’t need a lot to get where you want to go. And its Tea Tree oil, peppermint, and lavender smell great. For more sensitive types, Weleda Shaving Cream ($14.50) is The Answer. Ultra-conditioning and protective due to goat’s milk, almond oil, and pansy extract, this calming and gentle formula lets you get ThisClose.

Speaking of which, let’s just agree right now that there is no better women’s razor in the world than Venus Swirl ($15.99 with blade refills). Oh. My. God. Ergonomic, no-slip handle in oceanic turquoise blue. A silver Flexiball, which allows for and follows a woman’s curves and contours without a single nick. Five individually adjusting blades, all framed in a water-activated “MoistureGlide” serum for unbelievable glide. It almost makes you *want* to shave your legs. It’s the smartest, best shave ever.

After showering, immediately slather your freshly-shaved legs with a body lotion. But not just any body lotion. When the humidity’s at zero, skin demands an extra-rich drink. For a splurge, go with Amorepacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Body Lotion ($100). Yes. I know. But here’s why it’s worth it: Meadowfoam seed oil, fruit extracts, soybean seed extract, nucifera flower extract, camellia leaf, oat kernel extract, caffeine, and a bunch of other sophisticated ingredients combine to make this clean-scented, light but deeply hydrating and tightening marvel time-released for 24 hours. You won’t stop touching your legs and neither will he (or she).


To mimic the $100 leg for significantly less, you’ll need these two groovy Neutrogena products: Sheer Oil-Lotion ($5.99 - $19.04) and Body Oil ($9.49 - $21.99). The former is a soothing, instantly moisturizing hybrid of a lotion and a sesame seed oil (that’s never greasy), which, if we were in summer, would be a-okay on its own. But right now, squirt some in your hand and add several generous drops of the body oil. Then mix them together. The warmth of your palms will combine the two into a super-heroine combo platter of utter perfection. See? You can still get to heaven, but you may need to surfʼnʽturf it. Happy legslidays!

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