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Let us go then, you and I.

Aqua Equation

Aqua Equation

By: Gigi Anders
Photo Credit: Angels of the Sea

Water + technology = Aquation, a brand new quartet of face and body bars and moisturizers that blew me away with their immediate aaahhh powers and crazy-low prices.

The products’ dual-phase “Hydro Balance” delivers instant, 24-hour moisture with hyaluronic acid, three ceramides, and marine actives (algae extracts) that penetrate the skin and inhibit water evaporation.

What’s more, Aquation is dermatologist recommended; fragrance-free; concentrated (a little goes a long way but it’s never greasy, no matter how much you lather or slather on); non-comedogenic; paraben- and petroleum-free; formulated to be mild yet effective for all skin types; and every product can be used on your face and all over your body. Normally, I’m skeptical  about products claiming to be surfs’nʽturfs, but these really are.

The biggest, most breakthrough thing for me? Pumps. A thick moisturizing cream with a pump is like manna from heaven. I hate having to open a fat jar and then close it with cream all over my hands. Every company with a heavy body butter or cream should follow Aquation’s pumpy lead right away.

Hydrating Cleansing Bar ($2.96) disproves facial bars’ bad rap. This ultra-gentle and non-stripping bar feels lovely, lasts forever, and leaves skin as clean and soft as any pricey liquid or foam cleanser.

Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser ($8.96) does the job perfectly if you’re a liquid facial cleanser devotee. It hydrates as it cleans, just like the bar, putting your face in a fresher place.

Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($8.96) is ideal for gals and guys because it has no fragrance and its packaging is gender-neutral. It may feel light going on but it’s a hydrating workhorse.

Moisturizing Cream ($8.96) is the one I would marry. See the fat jar? See the pump? These things make my heart sing. And a fabulous, rich, un-slippery cream, to boot. Especially now that the weather’s cold and the air is dry and drying, you have to have this.    

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