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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely…

In our context, this means you were born lovely. So you’re already lovely. And you can be more with the right guidance, experts, and products.

Let us go then, you and I.

Philosophical Fun

Philosophical Fun

By Gigi Anders

Few things in life perk me up faster than the words “stocking” and “stuffer,” particularly when used together in that sequence. And few brands fulfill that happy dream faster than philosophy.

Wait, you say. It’s still early. I have plenty of time to shop for the holidays. I’m still recovering from this brutal election. You want me to start shopping NOW?    

I do. If not now, when? This is the perfect time to get far, far, far away from the news and focus on yourself, the people on your list, and these adorable bath and body goodies. They all have new flavors and improved formulas, and it’s way too hard to choose, so just get them all.

Philosophical Fun_1.jpg

Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament ($8) is a sparkly, lathery, little lavender shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath that’s super-cute and smells as pretty as it looks. Maybe get two; this is a holiday exclusive.

Peppermint Stick Bath Ornament ($8) is as sweet as the above, except it has that minty freshness we’re always in search of. Plus that cotton candy pink color is to die for. 

Snow Angel Bath Duo ($27). You know how you can smell when it’s going to snow? The air is very cold and still and has that extra-clean sense? That’s what this is. One bottle of shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath; and one bottle of body lotion. Heaven.

Renewed Hope in a Jar Ornament ($16). I love this festively packaged little guy. It’s one of the few refreshing and refining moisturizers about which it can be said that it’s brilliant for any skin type. It keeps dryness at bay while improving texture. Gots to have it.     

Aqua Equation

Aqua Equation

More Lovely Is So Over This Election! (And thank God for meds.)

More Lovely Is So Over This Election! (And thank God for meds.)